Suggestions For Starting Your Own Family Giving

Set Up A Family Foundation

This requires a fair amount of time and money because you will need the help of a lawyer to draw up the proper papers and make sure all legal procedures are followed. But it is the best way to have a secure legacy for your family and a certainty that your dedication to giving to others will be continued through generations.

Arrange A Family Gathering

We meet once a year and make plans for future donations to charitable organizations. This could certainly be done without the formality of setting up a foundation. Each family member could bring his ideas of worthy charities he wants to bring to others’ attention.

Create A Fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser is a goal we have for our family foundation. We will update our progress in fundraising on this website, with notes on planning, legal issues, etc., as soon as we our own fundraiser is underway.

Coordinate Family Members

Enlist family members and together attend an already existing fundraiser such as Relay for Life or Race for a Cure.

Organize A Christmas Gift

Each year a member of our family determines a worthy cause for us to embrace – the cancer ward of a hospital, a local residence for those with disabilities, a home for those dealing with HIV/AIDS. Find out the needs of the people you choose, divide wish lists among family members, have a gift-wrapping get-together and arrange a trip to the facility to deliver the presents.

Access Local Charity Databases

Enlist family members to spend a day together at a soup kitchen or other community sponsored volunteer opportunities. We welcome your ideas for working as a family to meet the needs of others. Let’s add them to the list! Contact us at